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Specialty Instruction

Yumiko Harris

Yumiko Harris started dancing as a child and continued on through college where she received
her BFA from the University of NC School of the Arts. After graduation, she began her career
coaching pole dance while also competing professionally for over a decade. She qualified for
the US Nationals four times, appeared in a variety of TV shows, music videos, movies and
concerts with big names such as Snoop Dogg, Alexander Wang, Nike, Jennifer Lopez and Busy
Philipps. She loves teaching and connecting with her students, believes in fairies and eats
snacks whenever possible. She has a huge passion for DIY crafts and performing makes her
heart sing!


Back to Basics
In this open level course you will be challenged to revisit the basics of pole technique. By
discovering all of your bad pole habits, you will then create a new foundation for improved
technique, strength, coordination and a better understanding of your body. This course is a boot
camp to achieve the beautiful tricks and inverts you desire while ensuring your body’s safety
and longevity. All levels welcome!

Nemesis Tricks
This is an open level course that will focus on all of the individual tricks you can’t seem to
understand, obtain, or simply just want to learn because it excites you! You will be worked with
individually on a custom path of your choice with expert instruction on technique, drills and new
skills to achieve your dream moves! Bring all your aspirations and ideas with you because you
can accomplish anything with the right guidance. All levels welcome!

This open level course is designed to help you seamlessly connect your individual tricks into
smaller than larger complete pole combinations. You will overcome the challenges of putting
tricks together by learning new transitions, building strength and stamina and exploring unique
ways of thinking outside the box. This is a great course to start learning the beginning stages of
creating an entire pole routine no matter what your pole experience is!

In this open level course you will learn dance technique, improve flow and movement quality
and learn an entire routine to a complete song. You will increase your understanding of
musicality, learn how to pick up choreography faster and experience the process of how
movement is deconstructed to look the way it does. This is an excellent course to explore
performance at any level.


Competition & Performance Workshop
This is a specialized open level workshop geared towards building a competition or performance
piece and perfecting combos with music. You have the option to either build a routine from
scratch, or get guidance and critiques on an already existing routine. You will receive expert
advice on performance etiquette, stage presence, character building, storytelling or themed
pieces and costume and makeup consultation. This workshop is a semi-private option with
minimal people to maximize your time and learning experience. All levels welcome, no
experience needed.


This course is customized to what your instructors need improvement on most. It is designed to
maximize teaching abilities and give the tools needed to create a deeper understanding of
running a smooth, efficient and happy class environment. They will learn one or all of the
following according to your needs:
-spotting techniques
-class types and how to teach them
-student phycology & personality management
-identifying technique & safety issues
-deconstruction & modifying tricks and combos
-performance and competition piece creation

*Time duration and price will vary based on how many course sections you would like covered
for your instructor training.


Instructor Performance Evaluations
This service provides class shadowing and expert evaluation of the instructors of your choice.
Each instructor will be monitored for class management and performance to find what needs
improvement, along with how they shine individually in their teaching methods.

Studio or Class Consultation
This service allows you to have a professional help you with studio complaints and improving
them, guidance on overcoming emotional barriers with business, balancing life and personal
issues with business, creating professional boundaries, learning teamwork, improving customer
service, building a healthy studio environment and much more.

Instructor/Student Conflict Guidance
Get outside insight and advice with questions regarding student-teacher conflicts and how to
resolve them, instructor dilemmas or dramatic/traumatic scenario management, difficult student
demands or requests, student complaints and many other occurrences.


4 Week Courses/once a week/1.5hrs long

-4 to 9 students $200 per course
-10 to 18 students $140 per course

Competition & Performance Workshops
- Single Workshop $45, 5 Workshop Pack $199
-3ppl/1hr 15min long (uses 1 workshop class)
-4ppl/2hrs 15min long (uses 2 workshop classes)

-$50 per each additional student
-$100 per additional hour

Instructor Training Course
**Prices vary depending on custom package and services selected**

Consulting Services
**Prices vary depending on custom package and services selected**

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