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"In 2012, a friend called me and said she wanted to try pole dancing and would I come with her. She said I was the ONLY person she could think of adventurous enough to try it. Well, I tried it and was instantly hooked. Something about this art form grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. The power, strength and beauty of the women in the class blew me away and I knew this wasn’t just a passing hobby. We opened our first studio later that year and little did I know then that I would find a whole new family of like-minded women and men. People who pole aren’t looking for a traditional gym workout. They are looking for something challenging mentally and physically and something fun! Pole is a form of athletic expression unlike anything else. I truly believe that as physical strength and health grows, so does emotional strength. I am amazed every day watching my students blossom into confident, happy, healthy people. Find something you love and it’s no longer a workout. It’s play, it’s art, it’s fitness!" -Angela Chabot - Founder of Aerial Arts Fitness

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Aerial Arts Fitness

39 Wedgewood Dr. 

Jewett City, CT 06351
Tel: 860-367-2302


Please Note! We are located in a building behind the main mill. Follow the AAF arrows down the hill on the right side of the building to our studio.

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