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Bungee Fitness


Bungee Fitness is located inside the Slater Mill on the first floor between Griswold Nutrition and CT Barbell.

Low Impact Flying

With the help of our Certified Bungee Instructors, bungee takes the science of plyometrics to new heights with bungee assisted, cardio focused workout!

Body weight and bungees are used to create resistance and flight. This low-impact aerobic cardio workout, offers maximum benefits without the pain and all the FUN!

Tone muscles without the damaging impact of traditional cardio, creating a fun & exciting workout! 

Please complete the Waiver prior to attending your first class as AAF.

What to Wear

You will want to wear leggings and clean work out shoes.

If you are worried about sensitivity from the harness, wearing shorts over your leggings will provide extra protection.

We also provide additional foam padding for optimal comfort.

Don’t Be Late!

Once our Flight Crew are in their harnesses, they will not be able to stop the warm-up to take late arrivals.

The doors lock at class time for the safety of students.

Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first bungee class.

If you have any issues locating the studio, give us a call at 860-367-2302 and we would be happy to assist.

First Time Flyer?

First time flying? 

To make sure you have the safest and most comfortable workout, Our flight team will get you set up in a harnesses, determine how many bungee cords you will need and teach you some basics!

Level 1 is the place to start!

Please complete the Waiver prior to attending your first class as AAF.

Level 1 

Buckle Up!

Learn safely essentials, proper technique, and the important foot work of Bungee Fitness.

You can take Level 1 as many times as you like! 


Flight Itinerary

Level 2

Get Set!

Build on your basics and endurance as we challenge you to learn more advanced skills and fly higher!

In Level 2, you will be repetitively practicing techniques and routines to prepare you for a faster pace Level 3.

Level 3


Take the skill sets you’ve learned in levels 1+2 and challenge yourself in one continual cardio push.

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