Please complete the Waiver and COVID-19 Risk Waiver prior to attending your first class as AAF.

Pole 1

Beginners, this is the place to start! This class will focus on basic skills such as hand grips, pirouettes, grounded moves, and spins.  Strength exercises are incorporated into class to start building up the abs and arms for more advanced pole maneuvers. Flexibility, strength and fun are the focus of this class. Pole 1 is required before any other pole classes can be taken. 

Mixed Level Pole

This class focuses on mastering old and new moves and incorporating transitions. All levels are encouraged to join in as the instructor will work with everyone to develop person goals. Students must be able to climb on both sides and  invert to inside and outside leg hangs.

Hell on Heels

Bring out your inner diva for this cardio, dance and low flow class. Working in heels brings out the sass in all of us and improves muscle tone in legs and butt! Learn sensual movement, floor work and low pole flow. Knee pads recommended. All levels, but Pole 1 is a prerequisite.

Flow & Flexibility

This class explores movement through elements of floor work, dance and basic pole tricks. Gain flexibility through natural movement. Ideal for beginners looking to improve flexibility, identify their personal dance style and improve mobility. 

Lyra 1 (Aerial Hoop)

This class is for beginning Lyra students. Build strength, flexibility and grace on the beautiful aerial hoop.

Lyra 2 (Aerial Hoop)

This class is for progressing Lyra students who want to learn more advanced moves and combinations.

All levels Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Aerial Hoop or Lyra is a beautiful art form and fantastic strength training tool. In this class you will learn the basic grips, hangs and mounts and put together combinations of moves into a routine. All levels welcome.

Static Trapeze and Lyra (Aerial Hoop) 

This combination class will teach students moves and combinations on both apparatus. All levels welcome.

Beginner Silks and Slings

Gain strength and flexibility through play on the static trapeze and lyra. Both of these beautiful aerial apparatus have similar skill sets, so students can learn on them together. All levels welcome. Please wear leggings to class.

Aerial Hammock

Slightly different than aerial yoga. Hammock class is less yoga flow and more tricks and beautiful poses using the aerial  hammock.

Troupe Dance

This class is a practice and rehearsal class for our in-house performance troupe. Everyone is welcome to come learn the choreography with us. All levels. Please message us before signing up. We only accept new troupe dancers when not preparing for a performance. 

All Levels Belly Dance

Belly dance is a fun way to add movement and body awareness to your fitness regimen. In this class, students will learn belly dance movement, body isolations, undulations, shimmies and choreography. Please bring comfortable loose fitting clothing, a hipscarf and a veil. All levels are welcome. More advanced dancers will enjoy new choreography. Come shimmy with us!

Open Studio Jam

This is your time to practice what you have learned in class, work on routines, or just take photos and videos of your progress. An instructor will be host the studio time, but there is no instruction. 

Chair Dance

Chair is a great prop that allows you to showcase your grace and sensuality at any level of dance. We will be learning different ways to work with a chair, all levels of tricks, and choreography. May bring heels but not required and all levels welcome.

Contemporary Pole

This class will provide the ability to learn contemporary dance moves and how you can incorporate them into a pole routine. We will be exploring different types of movement involving floor work, moving between two poles, and simple tricks. Pole 1 is a prerequisite. 

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