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I'm not in good shape or overweight. Will I still be able to do Pole Fitness?

Absolutely! All levels are welcome at Aerial Arts and we have classes tailored just for beginners. You will see results in a matter of weeks with regular pole fitness training.


What do I wear to a Pole Fitness class?

We recommend shorts and a tank top. The more skin exposed to the pole, the more surface area you will have for grip. Our classes are done in bare feet, unless specifically mentioned in the class description. Safety is our first priority, and we believe basic pole technique should be learned in bare feet first. Avoid using lotions before class as these will interfere with your grip.

Can I just show up for classes, or do I need to sign up online?
You are NOT guaranteed a place in class unless you are registered online. If you come to the studio without signing up, you will only be allowed into the class if there is a space available. 


Are men allowed to take classes?

Yes! More and more men are realizing the strength gained from pole fitness. But don't be surprised if our strong and talented women make it look easier than it really is!

Pole Dance Connecticut
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