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Studio Consulting

Are you considering opening a pole or aerial studio? Already have a studio and not as profitable as you would like to be?


I can help!


Investing in a business consultant is the best way to start your business on the right foot or turn your business from loss to profit.


As the owner of two successful pole studios as well as two other businesses, I have the experience and business expertise you need to maximum profits. I can help you with all aspect of opening or revamping your studio.

  • Creating a realistic business plan

  • Studio location, space requirements, structural requirements, flooring, and facilities

  • Equipment, supplies, and furnishings

  • Negotiating rents, landlord/tenant agreements, and facilities management

  • Marketing, advertising and networking

  • Interviewing and hiring instructors and/or managers

  • Curriculum planning, instructor pay and benefits

  • Software and web design

  • Insurance

  • Scheduling, class and capacity planning

  • Retail product development


Many studios are opened by dancers or fitness enthusiasts who have the passion and the physical skill, but not the business prowess to be successful.  The result can be large losses and overwhelming debts.


Get a head start over your competition!


Free 30 minute consultation.


Call or email Angela at 860-961-1996 to schedule your consultation.

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