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Pole fitness is the fastest growing fitness trend in the country. Get set to burn calories, build long lean muscle, increased stamina, and most of all, have a blast at the same time! A pole fitness workout can burn up to 550 calories while strengthening core muscles and improving flexibility.

Pole fitness is about challenge, personal growth and strength in a fun and supportive environment. The instructor’s goal is to work with each student in building their technique and strength at the individual's own pace.

Before you begin, be sure to wear shorts, the shorter the better, a tank top and remove any lotion that is on your hands, arms, or legs.

Class Descriptions:

Pole 1

Pole 1 features the hand grips, terms and essential skills of pole. While learning the basics, gaining strength and flexibility will be a focus. *Note this class is mandatory for all students to complete before signing up for anything else.

Pole 2

Pole 2 expands on the skills learned in Pole 1. All levels are encouraged to particiate in Pole 2 as the level of difficulty will depend on the individuals own pace. Positions and techniques will be mastered while new moves will be introduced.

Pole Body Blast

Bring on the towels and water bottles! Cardio and strength are the main focus. Each group of muscles needed to progress in pole will be worked and strengthened. You will not believe how quick the results are and how much fun you will have doing it!

Pole Technique

This class focuses on mastering old and new positions and incorporating transitions. All levels are encouraged to join in as the instructor will work with everyone to develop the student's personal goals.

Hell on Heels

Bring out your inner diva for this cardio and dance routine focused class! A new routine will be taught every class designed to keep you moving and working your curves! Bring your heels!

Inversions (Intermediate/Advanced)

Inverted pole positions and combos will be the focus. You’ll be challenged and pushed into new moves while mastering the old.



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